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Our Garage Door Openers Are Professional Grade

If You don’t care about quality, you’re in the wrong place! 

At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville SC & Charlotte NC , we offer a full line of professional grade garage door openers. These are not your typical retail brands that you buy in home stores. If you’ve shopped for openers at a home store, and you are looking at a Chamberlain, Stanley,  Craftsman, or Genie then it’s a good thing you found this site. Well, it’s only a good thing if you are interested in quality.

What sets our openers apart?

Professional Models
Solid, 1 piece rail systems
Solid, 14g back hang material
All Installers are employees, no subcontractors

Why pay the same price for a flimsy Garage Door Opener?

The real strength and stability in a garage door opener is not measured in horsepower. The truth is that a garage door opener is not made to lift the weight of a garage door. That job is the responsibility of your spring system. The primary function of your opener is to tell the door when to open and close. When it comes to a quality system you want to eliminate the weakest links because these are the areas that will cause you trouble down the road.  The major problem with Home Store openers is in the way that they are packaged. These systems are not designed for great stability, they are designed to fit in a very small box. This way, they take up minimal shelf space and can be moved easily by homeowners. For the do-it- yourselfer, this may be their best bet. For the homeowner that wants a rock solid product……’s not even an option.

Why these rail systems are inferior

To put it mildly, these door openers have flimsy rail systems. Due to being shipped in a small box, these rails are made of 5 or more pieces. To keep shipping cost down, these rails are a thin gauge of steel and next to a professional model rail system look and feel quite cheap. What most home stores also forget to tell you is that these openers will not function on doors taller than 7′ unless you purchase an extension kit. If your door is taller than 7′, all bets are off.

When you invest in a professional model you will get:

A  sturdy one piece rail system with a Lifetime Warranty
We connect your opener with 14g steel, no cheap low grade strapping
Installation by a third party certified technician that has been background checked, and E- Verified.
Superior Local service after the sale
Support from true garage door professionals

What sets us apart?

No, subcontractors. They use them we don’t.
We background check all employees.
All of our technicians are 3rd party certified.
We are fully insured.
We include door tune-ups with all opener installations.
We have over 200 positive reviews on Google. 


We’re not a nameless, faceless company! Meet our Staff! 


 My Unconditional Written Guarantee

At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville Sc & Charlotte NC  , we never ask you for a blank check when you call us. Our technicians will never install parts or complete a repair without your prior consent. We also back our workmanship with an ironclad guarantee. If we make a repair and the issue reappears- so do we, to fix that issue- FREE!

Joseph Rea , Owner of OD Overhead Doors of Greenville Sc & Charlotte NC 




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