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Residential Garage Door Repair

 Garage Door Repair Experts

At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville SC & Charlotte NC, we realize that everyone is looking for a great deal. That’s why we have the lowest service call rates in the area. So, when you have an issue with your garage door or opener give us a call. We offer 24 hour service and our service call rate is the same at night and on weekends. Our garage door repair team is available everywhere in the Greenville & Spartanburg & Charlotte NC   area. Mention this page and take advantage of our $29 Service Call with Repair.

Our Garage Door Repair Service Includes:

Broken Shafts
Damaged Door Sections
Broken Cable
Bent Tracks
Damaged Drums
Broken Springs
Worn Out Rollers
Broken Hinges
Strut Installation
Opener Repair & Replacement



My Unconditional Written Guarantee

At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville SC & Charlotte , we never ask you for a blank check when you call us. Our technicians will never install parts or complete a repair without your prior consent.
We also back our workmanship with an ironclad guarantee. If we make a repair and the issue reappears- so do we, to fix that issue- FREE!

Joseph Rea, Owner of OD Overhead Doors of Greenville SC & Charlotte NC 

 Our Staff

You can trust our highly trained staff to get the job done right. All staff technicians have a minimum of 5 years garage door repair experience. Our most experienced technician has been repairing doors since 1985. As you’d expect, all of our technicians are background checked employees.  Most garage door companies in our area have no staff technicians. They use subcontractors, we don’t.

Why Call Us?

Great Customer Reviews
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Member of the International Door Association
BBB Accredited Business
Fully insured for our customer’s protection
Fast same-day garage door repair and 24-hour emergency service available
All the best name-brands customers want
All Technicians Background Checked.

Why Trust us in your Home?

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, garage door repair can be dangerous to the untrained. When a homeowner calls a garage door repair company, it is nice to know that the person that is coming to your home is safe, competent, and reliable. At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC  we do things much different than most garage door companies. Our techs are highly trained, and 3rd party certified. We also go the extra mile by doing background checks on our garage door repair techs, and we E-Verify to prove that our techs are eligible to work in the US. We also do not employ subs. All of our techs are company employees.


What sets us apart from other Service Companies?

OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC has the lowest service call charges in the area, and we never replace parts without your blessing. We are also the only locally owned garage door company that offers lifetime spring warranties. Some of our competitors warranty their parts for as little as 90 days. In fact, this 90 day warranty is extended by many hardware producers, but we take it a step further and offer our warranty for as long as you own your home on many replacement parts.

You Can Trust Us to Get the Job Done

Our highly trained techs are ready to respond to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience. Thousands of satisfied customers agree that OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC is the best in the Greenville & Spartanburg & Charlotte NC area! We have fast same-day service and 24-hour emergency repairs when you need it most. You can trust the quality, safety and expertise of our well trained staff. Our Company is fully insured for the customer’s protection, and piece of mind. Garage door safety is top priority for our repair team! We will never rush through a repair no matter how long it takes. Best of all, our rates are based on flat fees, so a problem garage door that takes more time to repair won’t break the bank. Proper installation and maintenance of the garage door and opener are necessary to provide safe, trouble free operation. We will make sure every garage door and opener operates safely, every time.

We have the Best Prices, Guaranteed

To make sure our customers get the best service and value possible, OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC always provides in-person inspection and diagnosis of your garage door or automatic opener before quoting a price for service. Take it from us, no reputable garage door company can give you an estimate that they can honor over the phone. There are over 50 moving parts in a garage door and opener system, so our professional repair techs prefer to diagnose problems in person. Once on site, our expert garage door repair specialists will physically show you the problem and explain the service needed. We will never install anything unless you give the ok. We won’t even charge you more for emergency garage door repair.

Hardware Maintenance is a Must

Your garage door requires maintenance just like any major appliance. We provide preventive garage door maintenance to check your door on a regular basis. Our service ensure optimal performance, efficiency and safe operation from your garage door and any related openers or parts. In many cases, most people are not aware that garage doors and openers require this type of regular care for a long life. Garage Doors have moving metal parts just like a car. These parts need periodic adjustment, lubrication and replacement. OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC recommends that you keep a can of garage door lube on hand to spray down your moving parts on a regular basis. What is also commonly unknown is the wear life of many parts on your door. We have homeowners call in daily that are surprised by broken springs and frayed cabled. The typical life of a garage door spring is 10,000 cycles. That means that a new spring will open and close a garage door 10,000 times before the properties of the steel are compromised, and you are forced to call a garage door repair company. In most cases, the rollers on a garage door are rated for the same number of cycles. So, when the garage door spring breaks, a good rule of thumb is that the rollers are worn out also. At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC, we often install 13 ball nylon rollers, and these have an extended life of 15,000 cycles. One other moving part on your door that needs lubrication is your garage door hinges. These hinges and fixtures hold your door inside the door tracks and must be respected when maintenance is concerned. Always take note of broken or bent hinges, as this can be a red flag that adjustment must be made to the entire door mechanism. A garage door is not exactly a Rolex watch, but is a device that must work in sync to work the way that it was designed. If you hear odd noises, or the door is acting abnormal, it is best to stop use until the door is looked over by a garage door repair pro.

Garage Opener Maintenance

Garage Door Openers need maintenance as your door does. The gear assembly in your opener is often surrounded with grease, and needs this lubrication to keep the drive assembly functioning properly. Your garage door opener also needs the force limits adjusted. Many manufacturers recommend that these adjustments be made every 90 days for safety reasons. As your springs lose tension, undue stress is placed on your garage door opener, and this is often not found until it’s too late. It is a good idea to disengage your opener to check the balance of your door every 90 days also. In many cases, getting your door and opener to function properly well together takes experience.

Leave this job to a professional

We can provide expert garage door repair service for your residential or commercial garage door, no matter what brand or model. Our techs can also service your garage door with , sections, hardware, tracks, openers and just about anything we may need to make your door like new again.

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