Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock Seals & Shelters

At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC, we have been installing and repairing dock seals and shelters since 2001. We have a highly trained team of professionals that can assist you in choosing the right solution for your business. We understand that to protect your property, protect your trucks, and lower energy cost it’s important to have the right equipment in place at your facility. We feel that the first step in serving our customers is to educate them about our products. On this site, we have built a robust blog that has helped many businesses owners ad property managers to save time and money with their dock equipment needs. For more information about our company give us a call at 864-624-2688 or 980-226-0296 

Types of Seals & Shelters

We like to provide our customers with the highest quality of materials available at the best value possible. That’s why we carry dock seals in a variety of thicknesses and materials. These dock seals come in three different types. We have outlined the varieties below.


Fixed Header Dock Seal

For Energy Savings and weather tight enclosures consider fixed header dock seals. Our fixed header seals have 100% double lock stitched seams on models with wear pleats. We also understand that every company has different needs and budgets. That’s why we offer our fixed header seals in a variety of fabrics and thicknesses. Either 22 oz, 40 oz, or 50 oz vinyl. We will provide you with a great price and the fastest lead times in the area. Our seals can be custom made for level or graded approaches to minimize the risk of property damage and energy loss.

Fixed Curtain Dock Seal

Our fixed curtain dock seals are of the highest quality. We utilize a 1’’ galvanized pipe on the front edge of your seal to provide a rigid and no sag seal. This design works best on oversize door heights and configurations with minimal headroom.

Contact us for custom design options at 864-624-2688 or 980-226-0296 

Rigid Truck Shelter

At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC, we have built our truck shelters to pass nearly any test. Our shelters have an angled cut header for great water run off. Our shelters are wood frame construction with side and top curtains that allow for full access to your trucks. Our shelters allow for variable heights of 11′ to 13’6”. Couple our other features with Heavy Duty Structural channel bumpers and you’ve got a solution for nearly any structure.

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