Laminated Dock Bumpers

At OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC, we carry dock bumpers for nearly any configuration. We stock laminated dock bumpers in 4.5”, 6” and 9” projections. Horizontal or vertical bumpers are stock items at our location. If you have the correct dimensions, call us today for a custom quote. If not, we’ll come to your site to make sure that you have the right information before ordering. We have a low price guarantee, and we are confident that you will love our service. We provide on site service to repair and replace dock bumpers. Call us today at 864-624-2688 or 980-226-0296 

Molded Dock Bumpers

In many cases, businesses make molded dock bumpers installed on their dock equipment. Over time, these bumpers get damaged or worn. Call us to get the replacement bumpers that you need for your leveler or edge of dock. We have standard sizes available as well as customer molded bumpers. We also stock bumper installation hardware kits. Call us today at 864-624-2688 or 980-226-0296

Steel Faced Dock Bumpers

In our attempt to add to provide dock bumpers for every need, we have added steel faced bumpers to our dock bumper collection. Steel faced bumpers are an industry necessity because they are a great solution for docks with excessive up and down friction from trailer movement. These bumpers are weather resistant and provide serious protection for your trucks and structure. There is no better option to deflect and absorb the shock from trailers. This design combines a standard laminated bumper covered with a rock solid steel face. These bumpers come in a wide variety of sizes and can be installed at variable heights. Call today for pricing or for a free on site evaluation. 864-624-2688 or 980-226-0296

Why Trust OD Overhead Doors of Greenville,SC & Charlotte ,NC:


Licensed and Insured
BBB A+ Rating

You can trust us to get the job done correctly and in the fastest time frame possible. We stock dock bumpers in a variety of sizes and projections, so that we can get you up and running again quickly. Our trucks are fully stocked with the tools that you need for an efficient repair. Due to their durability, many dock bumpers can become detached from their structure and only need to be realigned, anchored or welded to get back to doing their job. Call us today at 864-624-268 or 980-226-0296



Dock Bumpers

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